Session 5: Detroit Reassembled: Inequality and Opportunity in Urban Planning / by Tiffany-Ann Taylor

Nick Allen, Detroit Revitalization Fellow

Julia Elmer, Detroit Revitalization Fellow

Jason Reece, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University - Columbus

Alaina Jackson, Director of Housing, LifeBUILDERS

In this panel presentation, we will explore Detroit’s past, assess its current situation, and discuss our goals for the city’s future as they relate to development finance and housing. We will review Detroit’s discriminatory history of planning and examine its legacy in the localized context of recent neighborhood opportunity maps. With a view toward the unequal geography of opportunity in Detroit, we will examine municipal development finance and its role in building inclusive, just, and equitable communities. We also will examine homeownership as one part of a larger community development strategy toward social equity in the Regent Park neighborhood of Detroit. Our presentation will conclude with an overview of the relationship between public health and housing demolition in the city.