Session 4: Challenging Maps: Placed-Based Strategies in Orange, NJ / by Tiffany-Ann Taylor

Aubrey Murdock, Head of School & Lead Designer, University of Orange

Rachel Bland, Director, Healthy Orange Coalition

Charlie Wirene, Managing Director, The HUUB

We say everything you want to learn about US cities, you can learn in Orange, NJ. In many ways Orange is like every US city, struggling with the discriminatory legacy of Serial Forced Displacement: policies like redlining, de-industrialization and gentrification. And like cities everywhere, Orange has it’s own history of People’s Power. It all started with a map. In 1957 a local mother discovered the school district map was gerrymandered to segregate Orange’s public schools. Luckily her husband was a legendary union organizer. As current practitioners in Orange, we have an amazing historical legacy to honor and uphold. Three practitioners: a builder, a public health professional, an artist and an organizer, describe this work from distinct perspectives. We welcome you to hear the story of our work and our city. In this session, participants will learn how to challenge maps and use similar place-based strategies in their own communities.